Oh my goodness! March went by so fast and I am SO late in posting a recap of the month!!

If you want to you can check out January and February‘s recap as well!


2014 Goals

Learn Basic Graphic Design
Take a Calligraphy Class- Signing Up for one in May!
Run a Half Marathon
Give the Blog a “Facelift”- Working on it!! I have something special in the works!
Book 10 Weddings- Have 9 right now! Looking for the 10th!
Take 3 Workshops- Just took a floral crown class last week!
Pray Every Day
Save. Save. Save.
Finish Paying off School Debt

Here’s a recap of my favorite moments from March

1//This girl. She is so special to me and definitely kept me sane all the way through Phantom! We celebrated her 21st birthday this past month!

2//Happy 20th Birthday to my crazy, fun, unpredictable brother!

3//It was a month full of birthdays!! We celebrated Ben’s birthday at Woodshed! Love spending time with the family.

4//March was a huge month for B&B. After celebrating one year of being official-woot woot- it was time to take the next step and start bringing on a team!! I’m so excited to introduce you to my ladies next month!

5//I cannot WAIT to share an awesome video that my dear friend Jordan Laessig did for me & of course it involves a tulle skirt!!



Hopefully next month I won’t be so behind! I have my first wedding of the season at the end of the month and so many things that I can’t wait to share!!


There were so many things that I was able to celebrate this month and in honor of all that goodness I wanted to do a little giveaway!!

“These are a few of my favorite things!”

I have been so tempted to go and buy all this stuff for myself!!

This make up bag is perfect for overnight stays and holding onto my all time favorite chapstick- Baby Lips. I have never had softer lips  than when I use this stuff. And who can go wrong with some pale pink Essie Nail polish to kick of the Spring!

For those ladies that LOVE LOVE LOVE the Blue Volcano Candle from Anthropologie, this is the exact same thing, but for a much more affordable price. The last two goodies are a box of adorable note cards and my favorite pack of Notebooks by Rifle Paper Co.!

Here’s how to enter:
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Good luck!

The winner will be chosen on Monday, April 7th!



That’s right! I am looking for some amazing people that would love to learn more about the wedding industry! Email me at borrowedandblueoccasions(at)yahoo(dot)com for more information!!

The positions have been filled!


Photo: Pinterest

It has officially been 1 whole year since I launched Borrowed & Blue back on March 1, 2013! It is crazy to see how far it has come and how much I have learned about owning my own business. I can’t help but think that I could not have been here without friends and family pushing me to follow my dreams, so a huge Thank You to y’all and always being supportive of me!

I wanted to take a look back over the past year and celebrate those brides that trusted me to make their day as memorable as possible!


Janet & John Thai
This was my first wedding right before launching Borrowed & Blue! I’m sure most of you remember me mentioning Janet in “My Top Pick“. She is my number one girl for everything Hair & Makeup! Their wedding was stunning and I was so happy to be able to help design it!

Emerald + Gold Styled Shoot
This was my first shoot after launching and I was so happy to be a part of it! This shoot was featured on Elizabeth Anne Designs back in July & we were so blessed for our work to be shown there!

This is also the first time we decided to bring in Jordan Laessig to do a behind the scenes video for us and it was phenomenal!

Kelsey & Drew
One of my oldest friends celebrated love this year and I was so pumped about gettin’ down on the dance floor with her and her new hubby!

Katie & Donnie
You know you watch the movie “My Best Friends Wedding” for years, but never anticipate how awesome it will feel when you actually post about your BEST FRIENDS WEDDING!! Holy Moly! This year my best friend married HER best friend! This was such a special day to share with her and it couldn’t have gone any better.

New Years Eve Styled Shoot
I LOVE LOVE LOVEDDD this Shoot!! It was so much fun throwing glitter and following our bride around trying to keep her dress from dragging on the dirty ground. We were also SO fortunate to have this shoot featured on Style Me Pretty .

And once again we had the ever so talented Jordan do a video for us and you should go check it out here.


In honor of our 1 year birthday celebration, we will be doing a Giveaway!! Here is a sneak peek at what’s in the giveaway, so be sure and share with your friends because we need 500 “likes” on facebook to kick it off!


I couldn’t give everything away, BUT know that it’s going to be awesome and I’m so happy to choose a lucky winner!! So, share the FB page and spread the word!


It’s so hard to wrap my head around one whole year. If you had told me that this is where I would be right now, I would have thought you were lying to me.

Fun Fact: I launched my website sitting in a train station in NYC. AH! I should’ve known how awesome it would be to start an adventure while on an adventure!

Cheers to another year.


Talk about this past month flying by! Holy Moly!

Since I spent my January recap talking about my goals, I want to be able to look back on those each month and see how far I’ve come.


2014 Goals

Learn Basic Graphic Design
Take a Calligraphy Class- Signing Up for one in April!
Run a Half Marathon
Give the Blog a “Facelift”
Book 10 Weddings- Have 9 right now! Looking for the 10th!
Take 3 Workshops- Just signed up for a floral class in March!
Pray Every Day
Save. Save. Save.
Finish Paying off School Debt

Here’s a recap of my favorite moments from February!

1) Treat Yo Self Day!!! There is nothing better than being able to treat yourself. I spent the day doing things I never do for myself. First, I got up and made a huge stack of pancakes and watched Safe Haven-my favorite movie!. Then, I went and got a MASSAGE! Talk about amazing! Finally, I came home and made a huge dinner, cuddled with J and watched not one- but TWO RedBox movies.

2) I have some of the best friends. And sometimes it can be the smallest thing that makes you smile. Pink Moscato is my favorite wine – it’s the only thing that’s sweet enough & this bottle was perfect for me.

3) Oh-me-oh-my. If you have been following me at all on Instagram, you know that Phantom of the opera has taken over my life for the past 5 months. I graduated from DBU about 14 months ago and about 9 months ago my previous director contacted me about stage managing the schools yearly musical. At first I was going to say no, just because I wanted to spend this past year really pouring into my business. That was until he told me they were doing Phantom of the Opera!! This is the first time it had been released off Broadway for anyone off Broadway to do and oh my goodness was it a ride! Nothing pushed me harder, made me cry more, but at the same time brought such joy and satisfaction watching the cast grow. This was truly a growing experience for me. I am so glad I said yes and SO proud of what everyone learned through the show.

4) Finally, something that is so near and dear to my heart. The End it Movement. I heard about this movement, last year after a bunch of my friends came back from the Passion Conference in Atlanta, GA.  It is a movement that is calling our generation to raise awareness towards the slavery that still exists. Over 27 Million people around the world are trapped into slavery and 200,000 of those exist in the U.S. We wear a red X on our hands to show others what we stand for and when people ask why, we tell them that slavery is still existent in the world today. If you are interested in knowing more you can go to this link and check out more.


Happy February Everyone!
Be on the lookout tomorrow for a sneak peek of something awesome that is coming!


One thing I see other bloggers do, that I LOVE, is their recaps of the month. It can be anything from goals they set for themselves or pictures & today I’m going to tackle both!

Every year, I do the same thing as every other person and set goals I want to accomplish over the next 12 months. They’re usually things that never end up happening and gather dust on a shelf in my room. BUT this year, I wanted to create goals that would be attainable and something that I would have fun working hard towards.

So, with my handsome man in tow, I came up with a list of things that I believed would make me a better person AND a better wedding planner. Once the list was finished, I mailed it to him- we are long distance- with a letter attached saying that I wanted him to ride along with me and help me achieve my dreams. Once I decided to start these monthly wrap-up posts, I also decided to include my goals and check them off as I go. That way I not only have Josh, but you guys keeping me accountable!

Now enough talking. Here they are!

2014 Goals!

Learn Basic Graphic Design
Take a Calligraphy Class
Run a Half Marathon
Give the Blog a “Facelift”
Book 10 Weddings
See Josh MORE!
Pray Every Day
Save. Save. Save.
Finish Paying off School Debt

Hopefully I’ll be able to start checking some of those off VERY soon!

Now, as I promised here is my January Recap!

1// New Year’s with my man!! I loved being able to ring in the New Year with him!
2//Cotton Bowl with such a great group of friends
3//Road Trip! Since Josh and I are long distance- Texas and Oklahoma- and never spend more than the weekends together, we decided to spend 6 days together and drove all across Oklahoma and Texas!
4//Cotton Bowl (again) I surprised Josh with tickets for his birthday and it was awesome!

5//Phantom Grand Staircase! I’m sure most of you know that I am stage managing Dallas Baptist University’s: Phantom of the Opera ! This is the grand staircase that they will perform Masquerade on.
6//I went ombre!!! Or as my stylist calls it, “sombre” – soft ombre
7// Stephanie Asselin and her sweet sweet gifts. This was at one of the Phantom rehearsals & I really needed it!
8//I am DYING over these booties! They are so cute, but being 5’9″ doesn’t always have it’s perks, plus if you will refer back to to last goal, I am trying very hard to pay off school debt this year; so I won’t be buying them anytime soon…

9//This girl. She has been such an amazing friend to me over the past year. Her and her handsome hubby were featured in our New Years Shoot. They were called to work at another church a few weeks ago and this was on their last Sunday.
10//Jackson has officially encountered his first cat. He honestly didn’t know what to do.
11//This was taken a couple of days ago; when it was freezing outside. I had been dying for a taste of Spring, so on the way to work, I stopped and bought myself some flowers! It’s amazing to see how it truly brightens your day.
12//Lastly. After 6 long days together, he still kept me around 😉 So, naturally, I put him to work. These next couple of weeks are going to be bringing me into a new stage of life. After 14 months of living in our lovely apartment, our lease is finally up and I spent many nights praying and felt the Lord calling me back home. So, the last weekend in February I will be loading the car and saying goodbye to living on my own and moving back in with my parents. I am definitely blessed to have parents that will take me back in and take this time to encourage me to accomplish my goals. This picture was taken this past weekend, when we painted over my aqua blue high school room and chose a more neutral color. I loved spending this time with Josh doing normal stuff, that we never get to do together.

I goodness, that last one was a doozie! But that is ok because January is kick starting an amazing year for me! I am eager to see the work the Lord will do in me over the next 12 months.

Happy January!!

Love, B


I don’t usually write a lot about my life because I like my blog to be a glimpse into other people’s lives, but it’s a new year and a lot is changing- for the good.

Sometimes it takes a little chaos and a lot of love to realize that you are exactly where God wants you. And that, my friends, is the best place to be. So this year is going to be full of growth as a person and growth in Borrowed & Blue. I am so so so blessed to be able to share these sweet moments with my brides and sometimes, the not so sweet moments. But in the end that is what I’m here for and I am ready for my 2014 weddings!


As most of you saw, we were featured on Style Me Pretty last week as their New Year’s Eve feature!

I am so excited to be able to share this shoot with you guys! Elisabeth and I are always looking for new ways to get creative and work together. She was actually the one that came up with an idea for a New Year’s Shoot & I was pumped! With a combination of great models and amazing vendors, everything came together just the way we envisioned it!

So, I present to you our New Year’s Eve Styled Shoot:

And of course, Jordan is always there to capture those special moments with a behind the scenes look at our shoot!!

A huge thank you to all the amazing vendors that ALWAYS make the shoot just that much better!

Photography: Elisabeth Carol Photography
Video: Jordan Laessig 
Models: Chad and Ryan Bailey
Dress: Classy Concepts Bridal
Floral: Events a la Carte
Hair & Make Up: Beloved Hair & Make Up
Cake: Sweetie Mae’s Cakes

It really is the most wonderful time of the year!

I am so thankful to spend this time with family and friends. I hope you enjoy this special season and take the time to soak up the memorable moments.

& with that being said.

I leave you with this incredibly moving video.

Hallelujah Christmas