Today is finally here and I could not be more excited! This very moment has been a long time coming and I could not have done without the help and support of my friends and family.

I have been planning events since before college and loved it. I had no idea I would move from banquets and concerts all the way to weddings! My Sophomore year of college a friend of mine asked me to help her plan her wedding and that is where the spark ignited. I got completely caught up in everything and never turned back.

Since then, my dear, dear friend Elisabeth Carol  has been encouraging me to start my own business. Spring Break of 2012, her and I took an Event & Wedding Planning class for another elective credit and that is where Borrowed & Blue was born. Following the class, I continued to take an Entrepreneurship class that just ended up driving me further into the business. This past Fall, not only did I get the blessing of helping plan Elisabeth’s wedding, but the creation process was in full swing. I had already come up with a name, gotten all the right paperwork and with the immense help of Elisabeth, my image was created!

I owned a business.

That sentence still blows my mind.

So, after all that I want to say ‘Thank You’.

Thank you to those that encouraged me when I never thought I could do this. Thank you to those that sat around our Brownhome helping me come up with a name. Thank you Elisabeth for staying up late creating logos and an amazing website. I will never forget you and you all will have a special place in my heart.

All that being said. Let me be the first to present to you Borrowed & Blue. Welcome to my website!