And we.are.back!! Whew.


I officially started my internship with The Southern Table this weekend!!


Yep & this is what welcomes us when we come in!! Gorgeous.

& if that wasn’t enough, we built our first boutonnieres and floral crowns!


 & to wrap up this rocking’ weekend was my second wedding of the year!


Florals// Pam’s Ribbons & Roses


Venue// 809 at Vickery


Catering// Lanny’s Catering

Can we talk about how rad these catering set ups are?! SO cool!

Hope y’all enjoy your Monday!



Photo: The Nichols

This week kicks off Wedding Season for Borrowed & Blue Occasions! Woo!Woop!

I am so excited about what I am seeing so far and all the trends that are starting to make an appearance! This is going to be an amazing year.

Thank you to my couples, so far, that are creating experiences that will last way past their wedding days.

Happy Monday everyone!! I hope you take time to soak up the sun and enjoy the first full week of Spring!


Planner & Design: The Simplifiers // Florals: The Nouveau Romantics

Table SpreadPhoto: Elisabeth Carol Photography

“Arise, my love, my beautiful one, and come away,
for behold, the winter is past; the rain is over and gone.
The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come…”
Song of Solomon 2:11-12

It’s like a sigh of relief when the first day of Spring comes because no matter where you are and what the weather is like that day, there’s a promise for better things ahead.

I also love seeing all the trends that happen every year and how creative my brides get!

For the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be featuring my favorite trends that I’m seeing this Spring & today we are starting with Florals.


Source: Pinterest
1//ELLAMAH 2//Julia Vaughn Design 3//The Perfect Petal 4//Snippet & Ink

Can you see a reoccurring theme…lol I have a thing for gorgeous ribbons and luscious greenery. The one big thing that I love is the pops of color that are making their debuts in a lot of arrangements this year.

If you are going to splurge on one thing to make your arrangement really stand out, check out Silk & Willow!! I’m pretty sure the third photo is using them & I’ms use you know what I’m talking about.

So pretty.

Happy Spring pretty ladies!!


Whew! Wedding season is officially in full swing and let’s be honest, blogging is HARD. But…the show must go on and I can never get enough of wedding videos, so here we go!

All I can say is…what a dream!!

gm_blog040Photography: Ryan Ray Photography

I have no idea how he picked which pictures to post because I could stare at these all day long!

[vimeo width=”600″ height=”500″][/vimeo]

Video: CandleLight Films

Photographer: Ryan Ray // Video: CandleLight Films // Design & Planning: Stefanie Miles // H&MU: Amy Clarke // Florals: Bows and Arrows // Paper: Ladyfinger Letterpress // Planning: Felicita Garcia // Venue: Casa Kimball

FullSizeRenderMacrons: Joy Macrons

“Her prosperity does not make me inferior,
And I choose to cheer her on because community rises above competition.”
Natalie Franke

Part of my Intentional 2015 has included taking time to build relationships with others in the wedding industry. I think it so cool seeing coordinators cheering other coordinators on & even every other huge part that goes into making a wedding perfect and helping them along as they embark on this crazy journey of being self-employed.

I got an email a while back from an adorable photographer – Jessica Gold Photography! After weeks of trying to balance each others schedules, we finally scheduled a time to have brunch (yum)!! It was so refreshing and great to have time to meet with someone that goes through all the things you go through & I loved knowing that I had made a new friend! Brides if you are looking for an extremely talented photog, look this girl up!

I look forward to so many more brunches and coffee dates with some amazing people & can’t wait to learn more about why these ladies love what they do!


You always think you know what you want until you start rebranding. I definitely knew my style, but knew I wanted to keep this branding for a while and it needed to be perfect. Woah. Wayyyy harder than you think.

When I first started the process, I knew that I wanted to work with calligraphy – I mean who doesn’t?! So, I started researching and came across XO Ginny and sent that girl an email and she was amazing! Not only was she so patient with my crazy pickiness, but she responded so quick and had my logo done in no time!


Round 1: This was round one! How can you say no to any of these! Once I had it narrowed down to the top left one, then came the “B’s”


Round 2: The “B’s” Picking a letter is hard work. I eventually chose number 3, which was what it was in the first place haha.

After many emails back and forth, this was the end!

B+B NEW Slightly larger lettering

I LOVE it! It perfectly describes my business and has the whimsical feel that I love!

If you need any gorgeous calligraphy or rebranding done Ginny is your girl & you can check out her Social Media below:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

Annnnnndddd we’re back! & with my current top pick for wedding videos!!!
If you haven’t seen what Maroon 5 did with their new Sugar video, you are in for a treat!

Maroon 5


If there’s anything I could ever dream of happening at one of my weddings…this would be it.

[youtube width=”900″ height=”506″][/youtube]

Dear Adam…if you ever come to Texas & need a wedding to crash, you know who to call.

It’s Monday & the website has been live for a week! & honestly…it’s been one of the best weeks ever! I have been able to meet with some amazing people and I have been blown away with the community that this industry has.

I did want to take the next couple of days  to show you a behind the scenes look at what was inspiring me and the feeling I wanted to create when people looked at who Borrowed & Blue Occasions is!


Photos// Pinterest

I wanted to create a place that made people comfortable and gave them a glimpse into what B&B represents and wants to create for them. The word I used the most was, simplicity. Something that held the important information & photos that didn’t over whelm anyone & even me!

My girl Elisabeth was the one that spent countless hours putting it all together for me & eventually lead me to Seaside Creative, where I found the layout that I knew was perfect! A huge thank you goes out to Elisabeth and I know that no one could have made it as perfect and personal as you!

I hope you have enjoyed what you see!


B&B Image

First thing first – I’m the realist – hah just kidding!! But for real. Happy 2nd Birthday to Borrowed & Blue Occasions!!

I am so beside myself and cannot wrap my mind around everything that has happened over the past two years & the people that have helped me get there. It truly is a great feeling when you are walking in the place the Lord has put you & I could not be more grateful. I have met so many people along the way that have driven, encouraged and influenced me to become the business that I want my couples to experience & that has brought me to encounter do many incredible couples!

I hope you love the rebrand! I was so excited when the Lord lead me to be intentional this year and that meant in every aspect of my life. So, I started with my branding and from there came a little facelift to my website! I have also added something new to my packaging and I am so excited about seeing where that goes!

So grab a cup of tea or coffee on this dreary Monday and take a look around and let me know what you think!

Also, be sure and keep and eye out for an awesome giveaway to celebrate #BandBOccasionsTurns2 that include goodies from some amazing vendors!!


PS: HUGE hugs go out to XOGinny – the girl behind my stunning new logo & Elisabeth Carol for rocking it and pulling every last detail in my new website together! you two are rockstars and I could not have done it without you!