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In our early conversations about marriage, I was already hoping for the venue of my dreams. When White Sparrow Barn opened this past year, I fell in love. You also know it was meant to be when your friends kept referring to it as “Britni’s venue”! I told Stephen, early on, that I wanted WSB, but when I check in to their availability in October for another bride, I found out they were almost booked for 2016. After much stressing and failed attempts to find anything like it, I came to grips with the fact that it may never happen and I was ok with that.

It was time to take my own advice and remember that the venue wouldn’t change whether or not Stephen and I would get married. So, I let it go. Best decision ever.

Little did I know that he and some of my closest friends were scheming. The day I was working at a workshop in January, he was visiting the venue to book it for us!! Just out of curiosity, that week, he emailed Nadia and asked if anything in the Fall was open. She said that November 5 had just opened up!! GOD IS SO GOOD. Y’all!

Many of you asked what was on the piece of paper he gave me at our engagement party was. It was his gift to me – White Sparrow!!

We could not be more excited than to share our special day there & it cannot come fast enough!!

All of the venue and engagement photos were taken by my bestie Elisabeth Carol & the wedding was one that she did at the beginning of the year & just got featured on Wedding Chicks!


A year ago, I would’ve never guessed that I would be engaged to the most wonderful man. God has truly been working on me and preparing me for the future that He has planned for us. Stephen and I met in our church Home Group and it was all up hill from there. Looking back now, I would’t have done it any other way. While the Lord was working on me, He was also working on Stephen and we have been able to see Him use us and we cannot wait to see what He has in store for our future!!

A huge thank you to our amazing friends Elisabeth Carol Photography and Jordan Laessig for capturing this moment for us!

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“We’ve stoked the fire till it’s roaring, it’s freezing outside and it’s snowing
Keep me warm till the morning, this winter’s day
No time for sleep when I’m dreaming, I’m hearing bells through the ceiling
Been waiting all day for this feeling,
It’s Christmas, Christmas, Christmas Day”

This was our first Christmas together & of course, we had to start our own traditions. The Holiday’s were especially hard for the both of us this year & we wanted to be reminded of why we love Christmas. So, naturally we grabbed one of our favorite photogs, Jordan Laessig and got to it!

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the Fall”
– F. Scott Fitzgerald

One of my goals this year was to branch out and learn as much as I could from others, so I attend the Ginny Au Workshop in Dallas! It was such an amazing day and I got to sit alongside some amazing talent and people that just love beauty. Ginny was so personable and just wants you to become the best creative you can be. It was such a joy to learn from her!

The following images were taken by Allen Tsai Photography

The following photos were taken by Bethany Erin Photography

Styling//Ginny Au
Venue//Hickory Street Annex
Photos//Allen Tsai & Bethany Erin
Florals//Bows and Arrows
Ribbon//FrouFrou Chic
Calligraphy//Script Merchant
Dress//Samuelle Couture

Insecurity is something you never would have thought I struggled with. I am an optimistic, joyful and fun person – on the outside. For the majority of my life I used this as a way to cover up my hurt, but nothing hurt more than my heart. Most people don’t know that a lot of my grade school days were spent being bullied – for my glasses, my braces and worst of all, my skin. I was born with eczema and have delt with it my whole life. I’ll never forget sitting across from some kids in the 4th grade and them calling me an old lady because my hands weren’t the same as theirs.

It’s funny because my friends always told me that they loved being my friend because I never changed and always knew who I was. I wish that were true. BUT I didn’t realize the vastness of my insecurities until after college and finally realizing who I was. God has brought me through a trying season over the past couple of years and it has completely changed my life.

I am so secure in the fact that Christ is my Father. His plans have completely blown me away. I used to say “Ohh, I’ll be 40 before I get married”, and it wasn’t until a friend confronted me saying that I was not holding myself to a high enough standard that I started valuing Christ’s creation to a higher standard. I am 25, own my own business AND have a full time job passionately helping lead others to the throne of Christ. I have a relationship with my brothers that I could have never imagined and a mother that constantly seeks after Christ. He has given me a person that loves me despite my flaws, declines nights out to stay with me after surgery and loved Jesus more than me. AMEN. To say I am blessed is an understatement. There are no words to describe my thankfulness.


Photo//Elisabeth Carol Photography

If you know me, you know my obsession with the show Fixer Upper. I had watched Joanna’s testimony a while back, but today, it hit home. It’s a beautiful thing to see Christ’s love flowing through His people. It’s also great hearing about others with the same hesitations and seeing what Christ is doing in them.      I love supporting a business that isn’t fearful of showing Christ to others.

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Video// QPolitical

And just in case you need a song to make you cry, this one is on repeat all day.

You always think you know what you want until you start rebranding. I definitely knew my style, but knew I wanted to keep this branding for a while and it needed to be perfect. Woah. Wayyyy harder than you think.

When I first started the process, I knew that I wanted to work with calligraphy – I mean who doesn’t?! So, I started researching and came across XO Ginny and sent that girl an email and she was amazing! Not only was she so patient with my crazy pickiness, but she responded so quick and had my logo done in no time!


Round 1: This was round one! How can you say no to any of these! Once I had it narrowed down to the top left one, then came the “B’s”


Round 2: The “B’s” Picking a letter is hard work. I eventually chose number 3, which was what it was in the first place haha.

After many emails back and forth, this was the end!

B+B NEW Slightly larger lettering

I LOVE it! It perfectly describes my business and has the whimsical feel that I love!

If you need any gorgeous calligraphy or rebranding done Ginny is your girl & you can check out her Social Media below:

Website | Facebook | Instagram | Pinterest

B&B Image

First thing first – I’m the realist – hah just kidding!! But for real. Happy 2nd Birthday to Borrowed & Blue Occasions!!

I am so beside myself and cannot wrap my mind around everything that has happened over the past two years & the people that have helped me get there. It truly is a great feeling when you are walking in the place the Lord has put you & I could not be more grateful. I have met so many people along the way that have driven, encouraged and influenced me to become the business that I want my couples to experience & that has brought me to encounter do many incredible couples!

I hope you love the rebrand! I was so excited when the Lord lead me to be intentional this year and that meant in every aspect of my life. So, I started with my branding and from there came a little facelift to my website! I have also added something new to my packaging and I am so excited about seeing where that goes!

So grab a cup of tea or coffee on this dreary Monday and take a look around and let me know what you think!

Also, be sure and keep and eye out for an awesome giveaway to celebrate #BandBOccasionsTurns2 that include goodies from some amazing vendors!!


PS: HUGE hugs go out to XOGinny – the girl behind my stunning new logo & Elisabeth Carol for rocking it and pulling every last detail in my new website together! you two are rockstars and I could not have done it without you!


While I hope that everyone is having a fabulous day, full of love I know – first hand – that this is not how everyone feels around this time of year. This will be my 24th year of having Valentine’s Day all to myself – I say 24 because there was one year back in college where I was dating someone on Valentine’s Day.

I want to use this post to encourage those of you that my not have anyone to celebrate with.  It is OK. Believe me after years of moping around and being sad on Valentine’s Day, I started asking myself why? What’s the point? Why does having a significant other create happiness for me, when my joy should be found in Christ?

I have been reading through SheReadsTruth‘s study of Hymns and felt like their study of Come Thou Fount was perfect. In the study Ellie Holcomb says,

“And when I forget that I’m His cherished daughter, I start hustling for my worth.”

Even though she was speaking about finding our identity in Christ, I can’t help but think  that’s where it all starts. If we know as believers that our identity, our joy, our contentment is found in Him, then why does this one day ruin that moment? Now don’t get me wrong. I love love. I love watching sappy love stories – cough, Nicholas Sparks, I smile when an older couple walks by holding hands. I’m a sucker for it all, but I also love how much He loves me and there will never be anything bigger than that.

As women, is there anything more attractive than a man that is furiously chasing after Christ? I don’t think so. Then why should it be different the other way around? I think as women, we think too much about what we don’t have and not enough about what we do have.

So, here’s my challenge. Let’s change that. The way we think and how we feel about ourselves. Pity is such sad company and we should exchange that for eagerness and intent for what the Lord has in store because we all know that His plans are better than anything we could ever dream up for ourselves.

How do I do that you ask? Two years ago, I started a thing called “Treat Yourself Day” & oh how it rocked my world. It was a day that I used to do whatever I wanted. Last year, I woke up and made myself a huge stack of pancakes, got a massage, worked out, did a little shopping then topped it all off with an awesome dinner and Safe Haven – my all time favorite movie! So, do whatever you want! Dance in your kitchen, grab your girlfriends, paint your nails that funky color only you will love, the possibilities are endless! It’s great to just take sometime for yourself and do all the things that make you happy.

I genuinely hope that this did encourage you to hold onto Christ and to find your joy in Him and who he has created you to be.

“Let thy goodness, like a fetter
bind my wandering heart to thee.
Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it,
prone to leave the God I love;
here’s my heart, O take a seal it,
seal it for thy courts above.”

Borrowed & Blue is officially on vacation until the New Year.
I seriously cannot wait to share some amazing things that will be taking place in 2015!

www.elisabethcarol.comPhoto: Elisabeth Carol Photography

“You know all those things you’ve always wanted to do?
You should go DO THEM.”

– Lara Casey , 2015 PowerSheets

There’s a moment when you realize that what you are doing is exactly where you want to be. This is such a sweet moment because it drives you to be better and bring the best experience for your clients. That is what 2015 is for. It’s a chance to show who Borrowed & Blue is and how much we love our brides. I hope you are ready 2015 is going to be great!