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This is a very special day for me because this was my first wedding in 2013! This was also my first wedding as strictly the designer. I’m not going to lie, this was a very different role for me, but I am so glad I got to do it alongside Janet!

For those of you that don’t know, Janet is my hair magician. I have been going to her since I began college- that would be 5+ years- and her and John have been together ever since I could remember. They are so precious together and after seeing their adorable engagement I could not wait to see how their wedding would turn out!

These gorgeous pictures were taken at Ft. Worth Belltower by The Three & all of the amazing center pieces and china were from Rent My Dust! I loved getting to meet these three vendors and was impressed by all they had to offer.

So, without further adiue…I present to you Mr. & Mrs. John Thai!

A huge thank you to all the vendors!

This was a gorgeous wedding!


Sunday was such an amazing day because not only did we accomplish a phenomenal styled shoot, but one of my dear friends said “yes” to her best friend when he popped the question!

Alexis and I met back in June when she became my roommate! We were perfect for each other and little did we know we would become roommates after college. This girl has the biggest heart and a passion for the Lord. She followed her dreams and became a Kindergarden teacher before she even graduated!

Trey is the perfect fit for her. Just watching them together makes you a better person.

I could not have been more thrilled when Trey called and asked if he could propose after the shoot! We immediately started planning and everything went perfectly.

Trey & Alexis,

Thank you for being such great friends and being a great example of a couple that follows closely after the Lord. You two are amazing and I am so blessed to have been a part of this day!

Check out the video by Jordan Laessig! Hope you have some tissues!


PS: A special thank you to my girl Elisabeth Carol! The photos you & Kevin captured were breathtaking!