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You Make Me BraveSource

I’ve had this song on repeat for the past week. It’s not like I hadn’t heard it a million times already, but for some reason, this week it was fresh. It’s like something happened in me and I was hearing it with new ears.

I’ve never considered myself not to be brave, and by the worlds standards, I think that I’m probably very brave. I graduated college with a 10 hour a week job and starting a new business. The last day of work at DBU, I got a phone call asking to interview at Pantego Bible Church because they had an opening for an Events Assistant. I was floored because up until that moment, I had no idea how I was going to pay rent at my new apartment.

God provided.

I went in for an interview and was asked to come back for a second one. I met with the Events Director and was already ready to start! Later in the interview I was asked to consider a different position within the church as the Administrative Assistant to Worship & Media. I honestly didn’t know what to say…Events was my thing. I wanted to do them all the time, but most people don’t know that I actually went to school for Music Business. So, there was still a small part of me that was passionate about leading others in worship. I accepted the position in the Worship Department and have never looked back.

God provided.

These past two years I have grown tremendously as an artist and in knowledge of media and production. I have learned things that I would have never dreamed & a lot of it plays a huge role in where Borrowed & Blue has landed. Over the past two years I have also watched a huge dream – with small expectations- bloom. Bloom into a business that is built on relationships and showing brides, grooms and their families Christ love on one of the most important days of their lives.

God provided.

The one thing that is consistent in all of this is that every time God provided, I felt a tug that lead me to seeing the amazing things He can do. I am so happy and eager to say that I am feeling that tug again. It started a few months ago when I felt a need for a Home Group at Pantego that catered to my life stage. I wanted a place that people who had graduated college, were married or single and had not yet had kids, would feel plugged in. So, I acted and this morning I  met 22 people that feel the same way.

God provided.

There is no better feeling than when you know that you are following Christ. I am so eager to get to know each and every person and just do life together. I think it is so important to surround yourself with people that can encourage and cover you with love.

All of that to say, that being brave doesn’t mean you have to start your own business or uproot your life and move to a different state. It means whatever you feel the Lord is calling you to.

“You make me brave.”

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Photography: Katie Jane Photograpy
Florals: Petals Couture

Is there a limited about of times that you can post a picture?? I mean come on…how can you not stop looking at this shot? The dress and those florals are amazing.

I posted this picture because this is a great summary of my weekend. I spent the majority of it really digging into Borrowed & Blue and what I was hoping for it to become. I kept looking at this picture thinking…this is what I want.

Classically beautiful & full of grace.

That is what I want to be known for. That is what I want for my couples and the way they feel when they look over their pictures and are reminded of their day. So, that is what I am striving for.

The next few months are going to be an amazing journey of figuring out who my company is and what it can be & I cannot wait to experience it with you!

So, let’s do it!


I may be one of the only ones but once November is over it is time for Winter!!

Winter weddings are some of my favorites! What better way to snuggle up with your love than with a mug of hot cider and your closest friends and family? Now, I am not your typical red and green winter fanatic; I love the magical feeling of draped lights and the warm look of candles. So, here are some of my favorite picks for your Winter Wedding.


This gold glitter is to die for! I love the way this looks!

Who could say no to this dress!? Oh my goodness this is gorgeous!

This is a cute way to make your guests feel at home & you could always mix and match your mugs and send them home with your guests!


I have been waiting months to have the opportunity to post about this wedding!

I met Kelsi & Jonathan back when I was still in school at Dallas Baptist University and they have been dating for as long as I can remember.

I was overjoyed when I got the email from Kelsi letting me know that they had set a date and wanted me to be a part of their big day! The day of, everything went so smoothly and it was so comforting seeing them at such peace. The second they locked eyes, as she was walking down the aisle, everyone could tell that they were exactly where they wanted to be.

So, I would like to introduce to you, Mr & Mrs Davis:

Congrats you guys!


Venue: First Baptist Mansfield
Photography: Amy McGee
Day-Of Coordinator: Borrowed & Blue
Cake: The Cake Guys
Florist: A Man and A Woman